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ASREN Participates in Hawaii in the TIP2013 Meeting

ASREN has participated in the Global Compendium consultation meeting attended by regional partners in e-Infrastructures. The goal is to produce a global publication on the basis of the information collected using the common model. It was concluded that:

  • The networking organizations committed themselves to working together to develop a common information model in 2013, for documenting the work of National Research and Education Networks around the world. Such a model can also be used by NRENs themselves, as a guide e.g. for information NRENs publish on their websites, etc.
  • A global panel will be formed for developing this common model, with participation from all world regions. For the time being, the coordination of this work will be facilitated by TERENA. The data collection tool that will be developed by TERENA will, if at all possible, be designed in such a way that it can be used for this common model and so that others could use or adapt it as well.
  • One of the elements of the common model might be a database of international and possibly also of national links. Shankar Karuppayah of APAN and the Malaysian National Advanced IPv6 Centre presented a visualization of such links, using Google maps API. Based on his ideas, it might be feasible to look for forms of automated data collection, yielding snapshots from time to time.
  • TERENA will lead a preparation of the first draft outlining the case for a common information model and a global publication.