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CHAIN-REDS School for Application Porting to Science Gateways

Catania, Italy, June 9th20th, 2014
The CHAIN-REDS project organized a School for Application Porting to Science Gate ways held in Catania, Italy, on 9-20 June 2014. The event was in technical sponsorship with the IEEE TCSC Technical Area on Science Gateways.
The school aimed at increasing the number of scientific applications running on the e-Infrastructures addressed by CHAIN-REDS and integrated in Science Gateways deployed in the regions targeted by the project.

To fulfill the goal of this school, the program, based both on lectures and hands-on practices, covered in-depth the main topics of the Catania Science Gateways Framework and will provide the know-how to integrate applications in Science Gateways implemented with that framework.
More details can be found on the CHAIN-REDS website: