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EUMEDCONNECT is going further to a third phase

Starting from funding of the EUMEDCONNECT Project that started in 2004 which connected the Arab MED countries to the pan European Research Network GEANT, a second phase of the project, EUMEDCONNECT2, was also funded by the EC starting from November 2008 and will come to an end in August 2011. This project also provided regional connectivity to the Arab MED countries to the GEANT network.

As an achievement of the ASREN Launch Meeting in Cairo, December 8-9, 2011 under the patronage of HE Amre Moussa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States, it was agreed by the EC to further fund the project to a third phase – EUMEDCONNECT3, The EC will fund the project and contract with DANTE and ASREN as project partners to implement the EUMEDCONNECT3 network. Since then, ASREN participated in all EUMEDCONNECT 2 and 3 activities. As for EUMEDCONNECT3, ASREN participated in the preparation of project plan and the EUMEDCONNECT3 network tender. The tender that will be released by DANTE and ASREN, invited qualified operators and cable providers to submit proposals to provide connectivity and circuits to connect the Arab MED partners. The tender seeks for opportunities to interconnect the Arab MED countries together to GEANT2. The EUMEDCONNECT3 tender has now closed and announcements about new connectivity will be made in due course.