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The Internet2 2017 Global Summit

Washington, DC 23 – 26 April 2017

The Internet2 Global Summit is a leading forum to support and drive the advancement of research and education, spur next-generation innovation and accelerate global discovery. The Summit convenes chief information officers and other leaders from institutions around the world in an environment of open engagement, free exchange, partnership and collaboration.

The 2017 Internet2 Global Summit will take a good look at how we can use knowledge and practice oriented networks of people to harness and enable the power of technologies that are innovative and disruptive in order to build and sustain a collaborative community that continues to thrive and lead.

One of the many benefits of attending the 2017 Internet2 Global Summit is the opportunity to hold and attend working meetings—working group meetings, advisory groups, birds-of-a-feather groups (BoFs), special interest groups (SIGs), etc.—in conjunction with other meeting activities.

All information regarding registration can be found on the Internet2 website at: