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Second Phase of eduGAIN Integration Complete


eduGAIN has facilitated federated access to the GÉANT project intranet, meaning 300 participants and parts of the wider community can now access using their home identities’. This is a good example of how eduGAIN can help with federated access.

The GÉANT community can log into the GÉANT intranet using their federated identity, which means one simple set of credentials and improved security.

Having single sign-on (SSO) not only enhances the user experience but streamlines management from the IT side – making it a much more efficient, convenient solution for everyone involved in the project. It is hoped this will encourage more users to actively collaborate using this accessible platform.

Anand Patil, CIO of DANTE and sponsor of the integration project said: “The community has been asking for ‘eduGAINising’ the GÉANT Intranet for some time now and it has been a European Commission recommendation that all GÉANT services become federated. Finally, this dream is now a reality. It not only benefits the users in terms of Single Sign-On but also reduces the GÉANT IT overheads to manage user accounts. We are planning to federate more GÉANT services in the near future.”

Ann Harding, GÉANT SA5 Activity Leader for Multi-Domain Network Services said: “I am very pleased to see eduGAIN being able to help the GÉANT project participants in this way. This was an excellent case of know-how from the wider application services and federated identity community coming together with DANTE IT to enable all participants in GÉANT get the benefits of federated identity.

We in GÉANT are not so very different to many other research communities in our authentication and authorisation requirements, so the experience in this project can benefit our ongoing work with research communities. And of course I’m personally very happy to be able to have one less log-in to manage! “

Project participants can find more information in the GÉANT Intranet and eduGAIN User Guide for details on accessing the Intranet via eduGAIN and FAQs, including who to contact in case of any questions or issues.

eduGAIN is the GÉANT interfederation service simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community.  It aims to enable the trustworthy exchange of information related to identity, authentication and authorisation between identity federations.