Shareholders Development

In addition to Talal Abu Ghazaleh Consulting GmbH, JUNet of Jordan and MARWAN of Morocco, the Sudanese Research and Education Network SudREN recently joined ASREN as full shareholder of ASREN. “I"m sure that we need to establish more NRENs in the region, and then get them connected to ASREN. We need to see the map of the Arab REN fully connected” Said Iman Abu El Maaly, CEO of SudREN.

ASREN received requests to join from Tunisia, Somalia, Algeria and Palestine to join ASREN as shareholders. ASREN is in the process of including them as shareholders.

ASREN cordially invite the remaining Arab NRENs to join ASREN as shareholders / members. A number of NRENs have already expressed interest in joining ASREN and others are encouraged to formalize their membership. It noteworthy to mention that there are no financial obligations and ASREN will pay all fees and expenses incurred during the membership legalization process. ASREN shareholder and membership is open to ARAB NRENs.