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The Internet Society Pledges Support to African Research and Education Networks

January 14, 2016

Abu-Ghazaleh Announces 'Africa Connect2' to Create First PanAfrican Research and Education Network

December 31, 2015

Fifth International Forum on Integrating Arab Infrastructures and the 7th Conference on Education Quality Inaugurated in Casablanca

December 17, 2015

United Nations Technology Bank recognises importance of GÉANT and research and education networks

September 30, 2015

ASREN Holds Joining Eduroam and Identity Federation Workshop

September 20, 2015

AfricaConnect2 to Expand Connectivity across Africa

May 6, 2015

MAGIC is Officially Approved by European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Program

April 30, 2015

Abu-Ghazaleh Highlights European Union Cooperation with ASREN in Establishing e-Infrastructure for Research and Education in the Arab World

April 12, 2015

NREN and Medical Community Step Up Collaboration against Dengue

March 1, 2015

Abu-Ghazaleh Highlights Outstanding Achievements at the Fourth International Forum on Arab Technical Integration in Muscat and the Support of HH Taimur Bin As'ad Al Said

February 8, 2015

Science Diplomacy Contributes to Prosperity and Stability in the Middle East

February 6, 2015

Connecting Jordan to the global scientific community

January 20, 2015

EU project helps connect Mediterranean and Gulf researchers

January 6, 2015

The Research Council of Oman to Host ASREN's Annual Conference e-AGE 2014 in Muscat

December 10, 2014

ASREN Launches the International Network for Research and Education in Jordan

November 19, 2014

Federation as a Service (FaaS) Enabling NRENs to Operate an Identity Federation

October 30, 2014

DANTE and TERENA Join Forces to Become the GEANT Association

October 10, 2014

ASREN Signs MoU with APAN

August 12, 2014

UbuntuNet has just been commissioned in Eastern and Southern Africa

July 28, 2014

ASREN workshop on Clouds for Research and Education and EUMEDCONNECT3 meeting

June 27, 2014