ASREN Joins MANRS to Improve Routing Security

On Thursday 22nd, October, 2020, ASREN joined Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS), a global initiative supported by the Internet Society (ISOC) that aims at greatly improving the security and reliability of the global Internet routing system.
ASREN chose to join this initiative as a step forward to achieve a more robust and secure routing infrastructure in the Arab region, to reduce the most common routing threats that have for a longtime caused network outage, data losses and cost implications to many victims on the internet. 
In joining MANRS, ASREN had to implement four simple but concrete actions as a network operator to address common challenges related to routing security:
Filtering – Implementing filtering to prevent the propagation of incorrect routing information. 
Anti-spoofing – Enabling source address validation for at least single-homed stub customer networks, end-users, and infrastructure.
Coordination – Maintaining globally accessible up-to-date contact information.
Global Validation – Publishing data, so others can validate routing information on a global scale.
Having fulfilled most requirements, ASREN was duly accepted to be part of the great initiative. ASREN is one of the first networks in the Arab region to join MANRS, demonstrating our strong commitment towards ensuring that education and research institutions in the Arab world operate in secure cyber space. 
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