ASREN participates in the inauguration of the North America Office of the Association of African Universities (AAU)

Represented by Dr. Salem Alagtash, and on behalf the African Regional Research and Education Networks, ASREN has participated in the inauguration of the North America Office of the Association of African Universities (AAU) at the premises of the African Union in Washington DC in the United States. The office will help to promote relations and academic collaborations between universities in North America and their African counterparts. The inauguration has witnessed a gathering of representatives from African diplomatic missions, academic and professional associations, ‘diasporans’ and key stakeholders of higher education in North America and Africa.

ASREN is strengthening its cooperation with the AAU in an effort to setup high-speed networks for research and education network across Africa and allow regional integration of e-Infrastructures in the context of the European Commission funded AFRICACONNECT project, a third phase of which will commence in December 2019.

The objective is to strengthen European and African scientific collaboration and empower African scientific communities with digital tools and high-speed e-nfrastructure technologies for a greater access to computing resources and data repositories. In cooperation with GEANT, ASREN, WACREN and UbuntuNet Alliance are launching a new phase of the AFRICACONNECT project through which cooperation with the telecom providers has been set as a priority to bring down costs of access to the African communities at large.