A Decade of ASREN: Celebration of Success

In 2010, ASREN, the Arab States Research and Education Network, was launched at the League of Arab States with a mission to establish a pan-Arab e-Infrastructures for research and education. As a non-profit organization, ASREN has been formed with NREN shareholders representing Morocco, Jordan, Tunis, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, and Somalia and NREN membership and participation of the remaining Arab countries.
Since the inception of ASREN, the pan Arab research and education e-Infrastructures have significantly evolved. Most of the Arab countries have established NRENs or started the process of developing their NREN. ASREN has been coordinated with the Arab NRENs to build a comprehensive Arab connect with a regional Gigabits backbone. The regional backbone is seen as a critical enhancement to education and advancement to science and technology as well as a means to develop innovation capacity and provide hope to the young generation.   
With co-funding from the European Commission, ASREN has contributed to the development of a number of NRENs and their international peering with the European and the global advanced research and education networks via its PoP in London. It has been an active partner in the EUMEDCONNECT and AFRICACONNECT and other EC funded projects to advance the e-Infrastructure as a powerful scientific instrument and an innovative resource for research and education. In the context of these projects, high-speed networks and services evolved to meet the growing demand for seamless access to resources and for distributed computations to analyze, model, simulate and visualize diverse datasets and applications in a variety of scientific domains. 
In celebration of its upcoming 10th anniversary ASREN unveils the redesigning of its logo reflecting a decade of success. This occasion will be marked throughout ASREN’s annual conference the e-AGE20, International Platform on Integrating Arab e-Infrastructure in a Global Environment, to be held in Tunis, Tunisia during 14-15 December 2020.
“I would like to celebrate ASREN’s 10th anniversary together with our partners in Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Our original mission to establish a pan-Arab e-Infrastructures for research and education remains unchanged as we go forward. We will continue rising to the challenge, and I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported ASREN over the years and ask for your continued support as we go into the future.” Yousef Torman, ASREN Co-Managing Director