e-AGE 2015

The e-AGE platform had established itself as an important venue for networking among experts and scientists from all over the world. In e-AGE 2015, we kept the focus on Intercontinental Connectivity of the Pan Arab Network. The e-Infrastructures evolving in the Arab region at both national and regional levels as more than 15 Arab countries had NREN in place or starting their NREN. At the regional level, ASREN announced the operation of the Arabian Global Educational Open PoP (AGE-OP) in London Telicity in cooperation with GEANT Association, Ankabut announced the operation of the first Arab Global Educational Open Exchange AGE-OX  in Fujairah in cooperation with Internet2.

e-AGE 2015 paid more attention to users, applications, services and inclusion of stakeholders in research and education and related services to enable and to facilitate collaboration to encourage resources and knowledge sharing. Discussion, panels, meetings, workshops and more sessions were facilitated to present and exchange research and education experience and innovations. Access to resources, services and applications were another area of focus during the conference. In short words, e-AGE 2015 came with “Revealing and Harvesting Knowledge” as the main theme of the conference and all activities were centered on it.

Following on the success of e-AGE in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, e-AGE 2015 will included events, workshops and meetings centered on the following themes:

  • The 8th Event on Euro-Mediterranean  e-Infrastructure
  • The 5th annual meeting of ASREN
  • AROQA 7th Annual Conference
  • EUMEDCONNECT3 and AfricaConnect2 Project Meetings
  • Technical Workshops on R&E networking on Clouds, Science Gateways and more

Moreover, special sessions were dedicated to specific domains, mainly focusing on experiences in connectivity and e-Infrastructure, applications and services across a variety of scientific domains. It was also important to show how research infrastructure creates tangible benefits to communities and collaborations. Different discussions were stimulated during e-AGE to drive outcomes and concrete results on practical steps towards developing a regional e-Infrastructure.

To Learn More Visit eage2015.asrenorg.net

Casablanca, Morocco