EUMEDGrid support workshop “Grids and Modeling: Application”

ASREN has been represented in the opening session of the conference that was hosted by Saint-Joseph University in Lebanon, main items:

- Research activities related to communities and evidence of need for high bandwidth connectivity and grid computing
- Workshop roundtable discussions:
- Next steps that Lebanon has to make in order to launch NREN
- Ministry of ICT announced a high bandwidth fiber physical infrastructure project to be completed by the end of 2012.
- High capacity link to Cyprus via a sub-marine cable
- Concept of convergence: applications, devices, networking, services
- Two layers of e-infrastructure: grid, applications
- Tools are missing to high performance computing
- Backbone infrastructure, international capacity, communication at good prices for universities
- Enjoy research, connectivity services, cloud computing
- Importance of involving CNRS – National Center of Scientific Research in Lebanon, as the point of contact for a Lebanese NREN
- ESCWA Convening power and ASREN concept can be as part of ICT strategy, policy, and governance and to promote the concept of linking e-infrastructure between institutions and universities in the Arab region