How ORCID and Crossref help researchers

ORCID allows auto-updates from Crossref

Next time you log into ORCID, check your ORCID inbox, you may find there are some helpful notifications there, including one asking if you would like to grant Crossref  permission to update your record.

When researchers approve Crossref to update their record, Crossref will automatically add a new work that has your ORCID iD included. There are over 15,000 member publishers who use both ORCID and Crossref identifiers and research funding agencies are joining now as well.

Crossref is currently the only system which uses the ORCID Inbox to send auto-update requests. The request is sent to your ORCID Inbox after a publisher submits a new work to Crossref, as long as you provided your ORCID iD to the publisher on submission, Crossref will add the work to your ORCID record, so you don't have to.

Learn more about Crossref auto-update here.