Identity Federation Workshop

Building Federated Identity Infrastructure

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Aim of the Workshop

This hands-on course is aimed at enabling NRENs and Campuses to setup Federated Identity Infrastructure in their own environment, and how to best pass that knowledge to their broader constituencies in their own language.

Historically, IP-based authentication has been a common mechanism for accessing external resources but denies a user access when working off campus. Shared accounts have solved the off campus issue but don't allow personalization of a resource.  These approaches are simplistic and fail when staff, students and researchers are off-campus, need to access collaborative resources intended for an individual user or want to use a resource intended for a specific group of users. 

Federated Identity Infrastructure allows campus authentication systems to integrate with a wide variety of services on campus, within your country and beyond. 

Targeted Audiance 

This technical training event will be of interest to: 

  • Campus IT and Library Resource teams looking for solutions to effectively manage and scale their identity providing and consuming services
  • NRENs (National Research and Education Networks) exploring identity federation infrastructure for their country and wanting to promote identity federation to their connected campuses.

Workshop Outlines: 

This hands-on training event focused on the tools and skills necessary to deploy identity infrastructure for your library, campus and country. Including:  

  • How to safely and securely expose the identities of your user community within your organization and beyond.      
  • How to offer (as well as access) services and resources in a federated community.
  • The implication of deploying different federation architectures at the campus and national level.
  • The resources to write a federation policy to define the trust and technologies within your environment.
  • How the to use metadata management tools to manage membership of your federation.

The desired outcomes include: 

  • Recognize the pros and cons of different federated infrastructure, such as mesh, hub & spoke and centralized login.
  • Practical skills in deploying federated identity and service provider services using simple SAMLphp and Shibboleth.
  • Understanding of the operation hub & spoke identity infrastructure at the campus level.
  • Experience the benefits of federated identity infrastructure by accessing and sharing resources beyond your administrative domain.
  • Knowledge to set the direction for library, campus and country identity federation activities.
  • Skills to write a federation policy that will allow inter federation with the global research and education community.

Required Equipment: 

Attendees should bring a laptop with the following: 

  • 1GB of free RAM
  • Ethernet port
  • A Virtual Machine tool (such as VirtualBox, VMware or Parallels)
  • Two (2) web browsers installed (such as Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome)



ASREN Shareholder:    200 EURO

Non Shareholder:    400 EURO


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