ORCID researcher control


Researcher control which organizations can write data to their ORCID records

ORCID's founding principle of researcher control, has been essential to gaining the trust and participation of researchers around the world and in every discipline of study.

Our workflows ensure that researcher's give permission to organizations to write data to their ORCID profile, such as universities, publishers and research funding agencies. This leads to more complete and accurate ORCID records with reliable metadata.

The researcher is free at any time to change the visibility settings or even delete the data an organization has written to their record. The organization that wrote the data will always be identified as the source of that data.

If you are a researcher, please register for your ORCID iD at, https://orcid.org/register

If you are an organization that supports research and you are interested in adopting ORCID iDs into your workflows, please contact ORCID to discuss further, support@orcid.org