Researcher control and high-fidelity connections engender trust


ORCID's founding principle of researcher control has been essential to gaining the trust and participation of researchers around the world and in every discipline of study.

Our authenticated workflows ensure that researchers can give permission to organizations in order to write data to their ORCID profile, such as universities, publishers and research funding agencies. This leads to more complete and accurate ORCID records with reliable metadata.

We have implemented a distributed trust model which allows reliable and trustworthy data sources of all manners and types to be connected, with the record holder’s permission, to their ORCID record. We maintain strict metadata about the provenance of each and every assertion in an ORCID record and disclose this in the Registry UI, via our API, and in our public data file. This way, users of ORCID data can determine for themselves, which assertions they trust, and which kinds of assertions they consider to be “trust markers” for data within an ORCID record.

One of our key priorities for the coming years is to encourage the adoption of regional or national PID strategies more broadly, and the integration of ORCID with key national research infrastructure in places where that isn’t the case today.

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