Module 03 – Computer Security

Information Security Training - New for 2021 – Virtual Learning with Experts

 Monday, 6 September 2021 - Wednesday, 22 September 2021

 09:00 – 13:00 UTC
Computer Security  – Module Overview
This course focuses on a variety of attacks on computer systems. Some of them are classical attacks, and some are quite new, such as the recently discovered Dirty COW, Meltdown, and Spectre attacks. The course emphasizes hands-on learning. For each attack covered, students not only learn how the attack work in theory, but they also learn how to conduct the attack, in a contained virtual machine environment.
The training is open to all ASREN members, member organizations and partners.
Who will benefit from attending this training programme?
  • System/network administrators at NRENs or NREN member organisations
  • System administrators at computing centres or NOCs
Learning Objectives
  • How to exploit software vulnerabilities, and launch attacks
  • How to defend against various attacks and how to write secure code
  • Practical skills in cybersecurity
  • The fundamental problems of various software vulnerabilities
  • Solid understanding of computers and networking
  • Have basic programming background.
  • Understand basic operating system concepts, such as users, process, memory, etc.
Sessions Schedule (live online) 
All materials will be added to the ASREN Training Portal, to access the Training Portal please click here.
 Session Title  Date  Time (UTC)
 Training presentation and virtualization refresher  Monday 9/6/2021  9:00 -13:00
 Malware & Buffer overflow  Wednesday 9/8/2021  9:00 -13:00
 Software security  Monday 9/13/2021  9:00 -13:00
 Database security  Wednesday 9/15/2021  9:00 -13:00
 Cloud security  Monday 9/20/2021  9:00 -13:00
 Operating Systems Security  Wednesday 9/22/2021  9:00 -13:00
Meet the expert
Eriko Porto, For more than 16 years Eriko has been working in the roll-out of network infrastructures across various continents. Eriko has worked for RedCLARA from 2004 to 2010, leading the network implementation, and successfully establishing the network infrastructure for research and education, within the Latin American region and towards Europe. From 2010 to 2016 Eriko has successfully developed the R&E network for the Caribbean region – C@ribNET. Eriko delivered the strategic planning and the implementation of the supporting regional network infrastructure; leaded the teams of network engineering and operations; and provided guidance and support for the development of the embryonic NRENs in the Caribbean region. Eriko has also worked as a Professor of Computer Networks related courses for universities in Brazil, and as Instructor on several workshops developed and delivered to the R&E community.At present Eriko is a consultant for Information Technology and Security, working with ASREN – The Arab States Research and Education Network – based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Programme outline

The training program consists of a number of live online, instructor-led sessions covering a wide range of subjects (sub-modules) on:

  • Module 1: Information Security Fundamentals, 24 May - 9 June 2021, Online
  • Module 2: Internet Security, 5 - 21 July 2021, Online
  • Module 3: Computer Security, 6 - 22 September 2021, Online
  • Module 4: IT Security Management, 14 - 30 March 2022