Mr. Camille Abou-Nasr was appointed as Assistant Vice President for Information Technology in August 2010, leading the four IT departments responsible for IT Security, Infrastructure, Support, and Applications and Solutions.

In his role, Mr. Abou-Nasr provides leadership for implementing IT initiatives that are aligned with LAU’s mission. He works closely with LAU’s academic and administrative executives to determine and plan their technology needs. He is also responsible for expanding the scope of evolving technologies, implementing innovative applications, and enhancing the university’s information technology function while keeping close control of the allocated budget.

Mr. Abou-Nasr joined LAU in 2006 as the Director of IT Applications and Solutions, leading a team of intrepid programmers and managers toward success.

In his previous role, Mr. Abou-Nasr’s determination, leadership and motivation led to the successful completion of numerous projects in record time. Many of these projects — such as the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP), and Alumni Portal — were complex in nature and required Mr. Abou-Nasr to lead multifunctional teams with varying views and expectations. He also managed to optimize the use of the ITAS team’s resources and budget by balancing in-house and contracted services.

Mr. Abou-Nasr’s career in information technology spans 20 years in leading companies in Lebanon and the Middle East region. Before joining LAU, he was the IT Director for Carrier air-conditioning in the Middle East and Africa region.

Mr. Abou-Nasr holds a B.E. in Computer and Communications from the American University of Beirut.