Mario Reale (Born in Frascati, Rome, Italy in 1967) graduated in High Energy Physics in 1992 at the Second University of Rome, Tor Vergata. He holds a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics from the University of Wuppertal, Germany (1997). He participated to the first large international projects on Grids ( DataGrid, EGEE, EGI – 2001-2010), including  EU-Mediterranean collaboration projects, like EUMEDGRID-Support (2010-2012). He joined the Italian Research and Education Network (GARR) in 2006, where he has been working on the IPv6 compliance of Grid Middleware and the activities of the GN4-1,GN4-2, GN4-3 GEANT Projects. In 2011 he has been actively involved in the EU-Latin America collaboration project ELCIRA, aimed at supporting Identity Federations, Cloud Services and advanced networking services in South America.  He has been Network Support coordinator for EGI (2010-2012). He subsequently joined the GARR Cloud activities (2014-2018), dealing with the automation of the deployment of OpenStack clusters in Italy. He joined the activities of IDEM, the Italian Identity Federations in 2018-2019.  Since July 2019 he is in Amsterdam, working at the GEANT Association,in the Research Engagement and Support team, and contributing to the development activities of eduTEAMS, a community oriented AAI solution for Research Collaborations.