Salem Al-Agtash, got his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1998. He is a professor of Computer Engineering at the German Jordanian University and leading the development of the Arab States Research and Education Network in his capacity as the Chairman's Senior Advisor on ICT and Technology. His experience is in the area of academic research, teaching, consulting, and development. His research focuses on Electric power industry, Scheduling Mechanisms, Agent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Software Design, Smart grids, ICT Infrastructure, Industrial linkages, Education, and Innovative partnership. He served as a department head and managing director of the Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence at Yarmouk University, with emphasis on developing graduate programs and strong linkage with industry. He has also served as a dean of School of Informatics and Computing at German Jordanian University, with emphasis on developing relevance in education and partnership with German Universities and industries.

Currently, professor Al-Agtash is leading e-Infrastructure development across the Arab region, with PoPs in London, Fujaira, and Alexandria linking Arab national research and education networks as part of EC funding projects. His industrial experience has been in the area of technology development and consulting. As a technical advisor and consultant for more than 10 years, professor Al-Agtash has worked on several technology and education related projects funded by the European Commission, United Nations, and many national and international institutions.  His intensive technical expertise covers varieties of topics in Energy, Education, Science, e-Infrastructure, ICT, and Institutional development. His personal interest lies in e-infrastructure development as well as partnerships and innovations in developing ICT applications in energy, institutional services, resource planning, and industry-oriented implementations.