e-AGE19 helps to foster the development of R&E networks in the Arab region and beyond. This will be realized by showcasing how e-Infrastructures are used to facilitate potential education and research collaborations at a large scale. The activities and formats of e-AGE19 are as follows:

  • Keynotes
  • Panel and roundtable discussions
  • Presentation sessions
  • Paper presentations
  • Industry and technology briefings and discussions
  • Consultation meetings, focus groups, and roundtables
  • Best practice showcases and practical demonstrations
  • Exhibition, posters and demonstrations 
  • Scientific computing and data-intensive e-Science in areas related to energy, environment, health, climate, water, agriculture, biology, economy, medicine, as well as in social sciences and humanities.
  • Perspectives on NRENs, including challenges, operation, sustainability, funding, governance, business models, security and services.
  • Problem-solving environments, Virtual Research Environments, Science Gateways and collaborative tools, applications and services.
  • Education and e-Learning Technologies, access to educational resources, repositories, libraries and contents, cloud, grids, parallel and distributed computing, and high performance computing.
  • Internet technologies and trends, Internet of Things, Security, SDN and AAIs.
  • Artificial Intelligence tools, deep learning, big data, and open science platforms.