e-AGE20 Host

e-AGE20 host, CCK, is the Tunisian Computing Center al Khawarizmi which was created in October 1976 following the adoption of computer science as a university specialty at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis. At the time, it provided computing services to establishments, agencies and administrations of the ministries of national education and higher education. 

Tunisia National Academic Network (RNU) has been established and run by the Tunisian Computing Center al Khawarizmi (CCK) since 1997, CCK is also acting as an Internet service provider for the entire Tunisian academic community of nearly 400 000 users, 90% of whom are students and the rest are faculty members, full time researchers, and technical & administrative personnel. The RNU interconnects the networks of the various Tunisian universities, administrations, student's dorms, university restaurants, research centers and Technology Parcs. 

CCK also manages a data center and provides a set of Internet and  applications  services, including email, Telnet, FTP, web hosting, e-learning, library services (BIRUNI), Security services, SMS services, etc. RNU has undergone regular upgrades, the last of which started September 2017 and should be ending September 2021. This last upgrade has made major changes to the network infrastructure by putting optical fibers everywhere. CCK is now connecting basically about 445 sites, accessing its data center and the Internet through a very high speed core of 20 Gbps capacity. The combined bandwidth for the access networks is nearly 10 Gbps. Work is already underway to improve existing services as well as to introduce additional valued added services such as high performance computing services. 

More information: www.cck.rnu.tn