Juan Miguel González-Aranda

Bio: Juan Miguel González Aranda, Chief Technology Officer, LifeWatch ERIC, Spain

PhD. Engineer on Telecommunications, and Industrial Organization-Enterprise Management European Master. LifeWatch ERIC Chief Technology Officer-Executive Board Member & Director to Spain. For Chair of ERIC FORUM (www.eric-forum.eu), currently Executive Board Member (ENVRI cluster). July 2012-June 2018: HoU Nanomaterials & e-Science Spain Science & Innovation Ministry public officer.  Ministry Delegate for: GBIF” (www.gbif.org); European Commission: e-IRG (www.e-irg.eu); ESFRI (www.esfri.eu) & Open Science (Group European Data Experts GEDE-Research Data Alliance RDA www.rd-alliance.org); EOSC (www.eosc-portal.eu) & EuroHPC establishment “Sherpa” (https://eurohpc-ju.europa.eu); support Environmental ESFRI (www.esfri.eu) & related initiatives. European Structural and Investment Funds-RIS3 expert for ICT & ENV Research Infrastructures according to EU regions RIS3 & Framework Programme policies. EIT Climate Change KIC start-up activities. November 2004-June 2012: Spanish Council for Scientific Research-CSIC: Technical Director at Doñana Natural Area Singular S&T Research Infrastructure; Contract Agent-Research Technologist EUroMediterranean (participation in INCO-Med, among other-related programmes), and Latinamerica & Caribbean projects. January 1998-October 2004: Researcher at University of Seville (biomechanics, digital image processing). Independent Consultant-ICT freelance Public & Private sector. (Co-)author of around fifty publications.

Abstract: “Establishing Synergies with ASREN e-AGE on e-Biodiversity for EU Green Deal & SDG 2030”

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research for Sustainable Management is an important issue to be also considered in Arab States area. This is related to other essential sustainability aspects such as Integrated Water Resources Management (agriculture irrigation, preservation of freshwater & groundwater areas etc.), fisheries, etc., in a Global Climate Change context. Efforts to preserve biodiversity & ecosystems require strategic actions such as the identification of the so-called Key Biodiversity Areas –KBAs –, as well as systematic methods for conservation planning with the support of ICTs for both: [1] the management of the information; [2] to provide analysis, simulation & modelling e-Tools, mainly given in the form of Decision Support Tools –DSS –, integrating the proper Ecosystem (e-)Services provision and valorization mechanisms. In synergy with the accomplishment of SDG 2030 Agenda, and looking forward to linking European Union Green Deal objectives, among others. LifeWatch ERIC, the official European Union E-Science Research Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research –https://www.lifewatch.eu–, as a distributed e-Infrastructure could support in this regard through-jointly with the Arab States Research and Education Network –ASREN– & e-AGE initiatives https://asrenorg.net/?q=content/e-age