Abdullahi Bihi Hussein

Bio: Abdullahi Bihi Hussein, CEO, SomaliREN, Somalia

Abdullahi Bihi Hussein has served as the CEO of the Somali Research and Education Network since February 2016, and has previously been involved with the NREN since its early days in late 2009 as its CTO. Abdullahi led the growth and transformation of SomaliREN into an operational and innovative NREN with a vision to drive not only the digital transformation of the Somali higher education and research institutions but also to serve as a platform to innovate education and research in Somalia.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and a Masters in Data Communications and Networks from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology at Usman Institute of Technology, Hamdard University in Karachi.
He is passionate about disrupting the research and education networking scene, and envisages a global R & E community that is not only sustainable but contributes to the betterment of the global economy and human condition.