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Invited lecturers Opening session

HE Dr. Khaled Toukan, e-Infrastructure based research: SESAME Case Study , Chairman of JAEC, Jordan
Mr. Kostas Glinos, Head of GEANT e-Infrastructures Unit, DG Information Society Media, European Commission
Mr. Dave Lambert, Highlights of the US Internet 2 advanced networking consortium , Internet2, USA
Mr. Niels Hersoug, Experiences of Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe , UK

Trends in e-Infrastucture

- Dr. Robert Klapisch, ASREN as a tool for scientific cooperation in the Arab World , SKF, Geneva (Chair)

- Dr. Anna Paolini, Towards an era of e-Infrastructure , Head of UNESCO office, Jordan
- Ms. Samia Melhem, Best practice cases of eGovernment projects , Chair of e-Development, ICT Sector, World Bank
- Mr. Ayman El-Sherbiny, Regional Backbone Initiatives , Chief of ICT Policies, United Nations - ESCWA, Lebanon
- Mr. Leonardo Flores, e-Infrastructures in a regional context , European Commission

- Dr. Fabrizio Gagliardi, Cloud computing technology impact on e-Infrastructure for science , Microsoft, Geneva

Perspectives on regional e-Infrastructure

- Mrs. Margaret Ngwira, Enabling Researchers Research Collaboration in Africa , UbuntuNet Alliance, Malawi (Chair)

- Dr. Florencio Utreras, RedCLARA2: An Advanced Collaboration Tool for Latin America , CLARA, Chile
- Dr. Johnathon Chapman, Enabling Inter-Institution Scientific Research , Internet2 Emerging NREN Middle East SIG, Qatar

- Mr. John Dyer, Future of National Research and Education Networks , TERENA, Netherlands

- Mr. Yves Poppe, R E Networking: essential for e-AGE nations and economies , CANARIE, Canada
- Dr. Emad Al Huseini, Trends of e-infrastructures and research in Iraq , IC commission, Iraq
- Dr. Salem Al-Agtash, Towards a Pan Arab e-Infrastructure , ASREN/ German-Jordanian University, Jordan

EUMEDCONNECT3, an enabler

- Mr. Daniel Weiss, EC activities and support in ICT in the Mediterranean region , Economic Cooperation, EC (Chair)
- Mr. David West, Regional network for Research and Education , DANTE, UK
- Mrs. Federica Tanlongo, Enabling Research collaboration: NRENs experiences in Europe and challenges ahead , GARR, Italy

- Mrs. Aouaouche El-Maouhab, Algerian research and education network , CERIST perspective, Algeria

- Dr. Amjad Abu Zaid, Palestinian research and education network , Ministry of ICT, Palestine

Research Networking

- Dr. Paul Lefrere, Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures - anticipating user needs , Open University, UK

- Dr. Anton Mangstl, KM, ICT s for development and e-learning initiatives in the agricultural sector , GJU, Jordan
- Dr. Jomana Amara, Energy Security in a Turbulent World , Naval Postgraduate School, USA

- Mr. Baher Esmat, Internationalized domain names: opportunities for the Arab world , ICANN

- Dr. Husam Al Olama, Role of National Research Foundation in promoting research capacity , National Research Foundation, UAE

e-Infrastructure technologies and applications

- HE Dr. Isam Zabalawi, The Role of e-Infrastructure in Reshaping Higher Education , AABFS, Jordan (Chair)

- Dr. Antonella Fresa, DCNET.INDICATE Coordinator, Towards a Digital Cultural Heritage e-Infrastructure , Italy

- Dr. Mubarak Al Magzoub, Research trends in the Arab Region , Federation of Arab Research councils, Sudan
- Dr. Rainer Herpers, Towards Open Source Software Communities , Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University, Germany
- Dr. Mohamad Saraireh, Center of Excellence for Library Services: Experiences , Yarmouk University, Jordan

- Dr. Reinhold Poppek, Sponsorship from companies for research and education in Germany , Poppek Law Firm, Germany
- Mr. Aiman Mazahreh, Integration of ICT services to build a better economy , STS, Jordan

LinkSCEEM-2 and High Performance Scientific Computing

- Dr. Constantia Alexandrou, Developing Computational Science in the East Mediterranean region , Cyprus Institute

- Dr. Tryfon Chiotis,, HCP and Cloud Technologies in Greece and South Eastern Europe , GRNET, Greece

- Dr. Fotis Karagiannis, Towards Sustainable Computing e-Infrastructures across the Mediterranean , e-Fiscal

EUMEDGRID-Support CHAIN - Sustainability of e-Infrastructures

- Dr. Federico Ruggieri, e-Infrastructure as means for advancing research and education , INFN, Italy (Chair)

- Dr.Yousef Nusseir, Regional Integration for Building the Information Society , Former Director, ESCWA

- Dr. Ognjen Prnjat, CHAIN eInfrastructure sustainability recommendations and existing sustainability guidelines , GRNET, Greece

- Mr. Serkan Orcan, Perspectives on the Turkish Research and Education Network, ULAKBIM Experience , Turkey

- Dr. Mohamed Jemni, e-Infrastructure for Inclusion of People with Disabilities , University of Tunisia,Tunisia

ASREN:Towards developing Arab Regional e-Infrastructure

- Mr. Yousef Torman, the Jordanian Universities Network , JUNET/ ASREN, Jordan (Chair)

- Mr. Dahir Hassan, Perspectives on the Somalian Research and Education Network , Somalia

- Mr. Sa ed Awienat, e-Infrastructure in Qatar , Qatar Foundation, Qatar

- Dr. Ahmad Dabbagh, ANKABUT experiences in the United Arab Emirates , UAE

- Dr Ayman Bahaa, Experiences in Egypt University Network , Egypt

- Dr Mohamed Awad, Perspectives on the Sudanese Research and Education Network , Sudan

- Mr. Radi Fassed, ASREN: Towards developing Arab Regional e-Infrastructure ZAIN, Jordan

- Dr. Danny Powell NCSA e-AGE 2011 Statement of Support , NCSA, USA


- Agenda

- Mr. David West, EUMEDCONNECT3 Project Manager s Report , UK

- Mr. David West, GEANT Update , UK

- Mr. David West, EUMEDCONNECT3 Activity Reports , UK

- Minutes of meeting

EUMEDGRID Support Meeting

- Dr. Salem Al-Agtash, ASREN Annual Report Toward Integrating Arab e-Infrastructure , Jordan

- Mr. Mario Reale, Sustainability Status Report and Plans for review , Italy

- Mr. Riccardo Bruno, Supporting technical application developments and users , COMETA Consortium