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Affiliation: Policy, Communication Operation, UNDP, Geneva

Title of presentation: e-infrastructure: the backbone for local development

R sum :

Directrice Adjointe / Deputy Director Policy, Communication Operation Bureau du PNUD Gen ve / UNDP Office in Geneva
Najat Rochdi is Moroccan. She holds a Doctorate in Mathematics and is Engineer in Computer Sciences.
Najat is currently the Deputy Director in charge of Policy, Communication and Operation at the UNDP headquarter in Geneva. From October 2003 to May 2008 she was the Regional Director of Information and Communication Technology for Development in Arab Region (ICTDAR), in UNDP. She initiated and implemented several regional initiatives in 18 countries of the Arab Region. Najat worked very closely and got funding from EU, European Commission, AECI in Spain, etc. She worked extensively in Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, UAE, Tunisia and Syria among others. ICTDAR had 4 flagship regional initiatives: Youth empowerment, women empowerment, ICT for peace and dialogue of civilisation (one of the most successful initiatives involving several countries from the Mediterranean region including Cyprus, Portugal and Turkey) and SME support and job creation. The Program objective was to assist Arab States in harnessing ICT to reduce poverty and improve public administration performance, governance and private sector participation in development process. The projects she implemented were articulated around 5 main service lines: Policy and strategy formulation, Capacity building, Partnership with Private sector and Civil Society, local development and governance and finally South/south exchange and collaboration. From 1998 to 2003, she had several Senior level positions in her country. She was the Deputy Minister for the Small and Medium Enterprise s. Prior to that, Najat was Advisor to the Secretary of State in charge of IT in the Prime Minister Office and General Director of Cooperation and IT Development. She was also the national Focal Point for the European Mediterranean program for the Information Society in the Region and a member of the Euro Mediterranean process Group. Najat started as a Professor at the University and at the College Royal in Rabat. She was published in several research magazines and contributed as a co-author to several books. Najat was a member of the high level panel of ICT experts set up by the former UN Secretary General, Mr Kofi Annan, to advice on ICT policy for economic and social development for the ECOSOC and General Assembly. She is also a member of several think tank groups and tasks forces in Europe, Africa and Middle East.