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Affiliation: Sharing Knowledge Foundation

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Robert Klapisch (PhD), a French physicist, was Director of Research at CERN (1981-1987) and adviser (1989 to1993) to the Director General Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Laureate 1984). He co-authored with Rubbia the proposal for the Energy Amplifier (a.k.a. Rubbiatron ), a new approach at nuclear energy (1993-1997).In 2002, he was appointed by President Chirac to the Committee preparing the Charte de l Environnement that has since been voted to be an addendum to the French Constitution.As President of the French Association for the Advancement of Science (2000 to 2003), he advocated a North-South Scientific Dialogue and started in 2004 the Sharing Knowledge series of conferences. This led him to set up in 2006 a dedicated Sharing Knowledge Foundation which he chairs.The Sharing Knowledge Foundation (SKF) aims at encouraging a dialogue between scientists coming from Europe and those from Less Developed Countries from the Mediterranean shores and the African Continent.The goal is to act towards the realization of concrete projects contributing to the reduction of disparities and imbalances between nations. In particular, SKF considers Broadband Internet and advanced forms such as Computation Grids as the tool of choice for the development of Centres of Scientific excellence emerging on the African Continent and the Middle East and for their integration into the international arena.President Sarkozy promoted him Officier de la Legion d Honneur in 2007.