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Affiliation: senior researcher and professor, CESNET and Masaryk University, Czech Republic


Ludek Matyska is a full professor at Masaryk University (MU) as well as a senior researcher at CESNET. He is currently the director of CERIT Scientific Cloud (CERIT-SC) at MU, a national centre dedicated to promotion and building of national cloud and integrated grid-cloud infrastructures). He is also a vice director of the Institute of Computer Science there. He works for CESNET since 1998, serving as principal co-investigator of its research programmes. He is and has been involved in many national (e.g. MetaCentrum, Distributed Data Storage (DiDaS), MediGRID) and international projects (e.g. GridLab, CoreGRID, DataGrid, EGEE II, III, EGI InSpire, EMI, and the EGI_DS), either as principal investigator or as a head of the CESNET or MU team. His research interests lies in security in large scale distributed systems, e-infrastructure (network, computing and data) architecture and policy and generally in cloud and grid technology.