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Affiliatiion: ESCWA

Title of Presentation: Regional Backbone Initiatives

R sum : Mr. Ayman El-Sherbiny, the Chief of ICT Policies Section in the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), has more than 20 years background in the region, with sound experience as a development strategist and a former senior management executive. Prior to joining UN ESCWA, El-Sherbiny has been highly recognized as one of the renowned Telecom sector young business leaders during the nineties, building and leading several successful ICT companies. As a CEO and Managing Director, he effectively transformed emerging technologies into sound business innovations and hundreds of sustainable job opportunities. One year before the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), he became one of the founding experts that started-up the newly created ICT Division (ICTD) in ESCWA, where he participated in setting objectives, strategies and work plans aiming at building the Arab Information Society, before, during and after the WSIS process. El-Sherbiny has done extensive work related to Internet governance, Broadband for development, Entrepreneurship and Venture capital. He spearheaded the establishment of several regional and global working-groups on the use of Arabic script in Internet Domain Names. He has recently led the development of an Arab Regional Roadmap for Internet Governance as well as the strategic conception of the Arab Top Level Domain Names Registry Project .arab , in close cooperation with the League of Arab States. His recent research work focused on Knowledge Economy and on Online Social Media. El-Sherbiny has a Masters Degree in International Business Administration and a Bachelors Degree with Honors in Telecommunications Engineering.