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The key objectives of e-AGE 2011 are to:

  • announce the first year of achievements of ASREN and present its future planning
  • launch the third phase of the EUMEDCONENCT project
  • show the achievements of e-Infrastructures in the area such as EUMEDGRID and further build on the success of the previous EUMED Events 1,2 and 3 to present and develop the cooperation and collaboration between the Arab, European, and US researchers
  • draw attention of high-level politicians and decision makers to the importance of the e-Infrastructures for developing the research and education communities in the Arab world and beyond
  • help and support sustainable research and education network across the Arab region connected to the European Network GEANT2, North American Network Internet2 and other regional networks around the world
  • attract and encourage donors, research foundations and supporting institutions in the Arab region, Europe and worldwide to support the development of ASREN and supporting the research e-infrastructure
  • strengthen the involvement of the private sector in developing the research and education
  • bring the attention of scientists and researchers to the importance of eInfrastructure and to showcase examples of collaborative and joint research projects

Main events:

  • The fourth Event on Euro-Mediterranean e-Infrastructure
  • The annual meeting of the US Internet2 Special Interest Group, Middle East
  • The first annual meeting of ASREN

Moreover special sessions will be dedicated to specific domains such as Digital Cultural Heritage, Global Warming, Economic Crisis, Climate Change, and Energy.