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e-AGE 2012 - Integrating Arab e-Infrastructures in a global environment

Following launching and officially registering the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), the e-AGE2011 and building on the success of the previous EUMED Events, and in conjunction with the Internet2 SIG and AfREN, e-AGE2012 is presented the current status of and future opportunities for developing Pan-Arab R E network integration models, and beyond to Europe, the US, and the globe at large. e-AGE2012 includes several regional events and activities that focused on research, education and e-Infrastructures:

  • The fifth Event on Euro-Mediterranean e-Infrastructure
  • The second annual meeting of ASREN
  • CHAIN-REDS kickoff meeting

Moreover, special sessions will be dedicated to specific domains, mainly focusing on experiences in connectivity and e-infrastructure, applications and services in the scientific domains, and case studies with impact indicators and measures. It is also important to show how research infrastructure created benefits communities and fosters collaboration. The objective is to answer some important questions on how to establish research connectivity while defining concrete steps for different parties to contribute. Various discussions will be stimulated during e-AGE to drive outcomes and concrete results on the practical steps towards developing the regional e-infrastructure and proposed architectural solutions.