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Affiliation: Associate professor and Director of Sina Institute, at Birzeit University, Palestine

Coordinator and manager of many EU and international projects in the 5th, 6th, 7th frameworks, TEMPUS, ContentPlus, including SIERA, Pal-Gov, GovSeer, ArabicOntology, SEARCHiN, KnowledgeWeb, OntoWeb, DIP, Innovanet, Namic, IrisWeb, POLARIS, among others. He published more than 75 articles and refereed reports in the areas of Ontology Engineering, Lexical Semantics, Semantic Web, e-Government and Databases, chaired 16 international workshops, a PC member of +100 journals/conferences, a full member of the IFIP2.6 on Database Semantics, the IFIP2.12 on Web Semantics, and the UN ESCWA Technology Centre Board of Governors, the chair of the Palestinian National Interoperability Committee, and the director of the Palestinian eGovernment Academy. Dr Jarrar is an adviser to the Minister of Telecommunication and IT in Palestine.