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Affiliation: Scientific Project Coordinator, Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center (CaSToRC), The Cyprus Institute


Jens received his Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Engineering Science from Christ Church, University of Oxford, after receiving a Dipl-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering from TU-Dresden. Along his academic career, Jens was actively involved in research related to material behaviour at high strain rates commonly observed during Impact loading. Focus of his research was on lightweight hybrid material systems in general and composite materials in particular. He has held a postdoctoral appointment at the University of Oxford and was research fellow at Exeter College Oxford. Prior to joining CaSToRC at CyI, Jens held an executive role in the establishment and development of the Impact Engineering Laboratory at Oxford.

In his function as Engineering Science Research Fellow and Projects Portfolio Coordinator, he led project acquisition and implementation for government and industry funded projects. Jens joined CyI as Scientific Project Coordinator for CaSToRC Research. In this function, he has responsibility for the management and oversight of the implementation of CaSToRC research projects and the organization of international training and dissemination events associated with these projects. Additionally, Jens supports institute research scientists and faculty in the development of their research and project portfolio.