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Adel Abdel Sadek

(College/University) Faculty of economic and political science ,Cairo University
BC in political science Cairo university, 2000
Master degree in political science from faculty of economic and political science ( the Impact of Cyber terrorism on the use of power in international relation ) , 2009
Preparing for have PHD in political science, 2011-2013
Expert at Ahram Center for political & strategic studies (2003- present)
Project Manager of Arab Center for Cyberspace Research (ACCR) www.accronline.com
Interested in:Cyber politics,Digital democracy,Cyber terrorism,cyber security 
Information technology and political processes,The soft power in international law
the new media ,Non traditional security ,and Internet governance 
1- Cyber terrorism and the power in international relation : new pattern and new struggles , ahram center for political & strategic studies , cairo ,Egypt, 2009 ,444 pages
2- cyber space ،and Public Opinion…Changing Society, Tools and Impacts, issues, international center for future &strategic studies , Mar.2011,44 pages ,
3- digital democracy ,concepts , international center for future &strategic studies , Nov.2009, 33 pages 
4- Cyber power: Weapons of mass destruction proliferation in the age of cyberspace, strategic issue, Arab center for cyberspace research , October 2012, 44 pages 
5-New media and emergence of new actors in the public sphere - the case of the use of electronic campaigns, Arab center for cyberspace research, April 2013,35 pages 
6- E-campaigns: the concept and mechanisms to influence – kurasat ealamia " media issues" - Ahram Regional Institute of Journalism, May 2013, 45 pages
2012: Get the award for best Arab cultural project for 2011 and get the prize of His Highness Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah Informatics in Kuwait in March 2012 for a project of the Arab Center for Cyberspace Research 
2010: Get the book prize of the Republic in communication and information technology about my study "digital democracy and the political role of the Internet in the Arab world in May 2010
2008: Run for the Dubai Award for journalism in 2008 from the study of the Internet as a new arena for international spy
2007: Award for United Nations Program for Human Rights in 2007, report about " blogging: new type of political participation