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Call for Participation

Purpose of this Call

1.       Call for Papers

To invite scientists, researchers and educators to submit papers to be presented in this conference in special sessions for research papers. Paper contributions are accepted in English. Papers should be submitted with no more than 8 to 10 pages, and no more than 8000 words. Each paper should include (1) Abstract with no more than 500 words and 7 keywords that refers to the key subjects and concepts that have been developed in the paper (2) Author(s) biography: First name, Last name, Institution, Full address, Fax, Email, and short CV.

Papers should be sent in Adobe PDF or MS-Word to:  Salem Al-Agtash, alagtash@asrenorg.net, Mohamed Jemni, mohamed.jemni@fst.rnu.tn, or Federico Ruggieri, federico.ruggieri@roma3.infn.it before 1st November 2013. After submission all contributions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee to evaluate the pertinence of each submitted paper and the authors will be informed whether their contribution has been selected for presentation at the conference. 

2.       Call for Presentations

To invite renowned speakers and experts to give presentations and participate in panel discussions on latest developments of e-Infrastructures and applications, different aspects of R&E networks, Telecommunication technologies, Industry and Research, Internet, R&E funding and topics of interest above. Presentation and participation requests to be sent to Yousef Torman torman@asrenorg.net.

3.       Call for Particpation

              To invite representation from academia, research, industry, telecom and networking organizations, NRENs, governments and all              people interested in the developments of R&E networks and e-Infrastructures to join the conference and to share experience and             exchange knowledge in relevant aspects. Interested participants can register at http://eage2013.asrenorg.net


For more information, please contact        


Paper submission:

-       Salem Al-Agtash, alagtash@asrenorg.net

-       Federico Ruggieri, federico.ruggieri@roma3.infn.it

-       Mohamed Jemni, mohamed.jemni@fst.rnu.tn


 Proposals, Presentations and Program:

-       Yousef Torman, torman@asrenorg.net


Registration, payment, reservations and others:

               -       Sara Al-Eisawi, office@asrenorg.net

               -       Ola Samara, info@asrenorg.net

                       Phone: +962 6 5100900 ext. 2403 or 4304