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HE. Prof. Ali Abu Zuhri

Born in Rafah/ Gaza Palestine, in 1948 and studied at the UNRWA schools, Prof. Ali zeidan  Abu Zuhri  was appointed as a minister of education in June, 2013. Before that, in 2012 Abu Zuhri was appointed as a minister of transportation in Palestine.
As a scholar, Abu Zuhri completed a BSc. in Chemistry in 1970 at Assiut University with honor degrees. At the same venue, the University of Assiut, Abu Zuhri has also completed a MSc. in electrochemistry, and a PhD in analytical chemistry.  
In his administrative role,  prof Abu Zuhri got a presidency of Al-Aqsa University, Gaza for nine years, a vice president for Academic Affairs at the the Arab American university , Jenin and an academic consultant, at the Arab American University, Jenin, and other universities in Palestine. Later, he became a chairman of Chemisry Department at An-Najah National University in Nablus - Palestine.
Major professional work assignments also included a professor of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, An-Najah National University, and Nablus - Palestine. Previously, Before that he worked as an associate professor, and later as a professor at various Palestinian universities in both West Bank and Gaza. Additionally, he taught chemistry at some Arab universities and was appointed as a prof. of analytical chemistry at the United Arab Emirates University, (UAE). Through a Fulbright Scholarship, Abu Zuhri moved to USA, as a visiting associate professor at Southern Illinois University, and Miami University.
Other activities included an appointment as a Palestinian Delegate for (Synchrotron- light for Experimental Science and  Applications) in the Middle East project (SESAME Council), October 2011. As well, he was appointed as a president of the Scientific Research Council, Ministry of Education and Higher Education in March 2010.  Similarly, Prof Abu Zuhri, became a chairman of the board of Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
Abu Zuhri's scholarly work included the supervision of a good number of PhD dissertations, and MS theses for student scholars in Gaza and the West Bank. Those dissertations were significantly focused on chemistry applications. Moreover, he was chosen as a reviewer of scientific research articles, and later as a chief editor at university journals where he worked.