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Jauad El Kharraz

Dr. Jauad El Kharraz has been Information Manager of the EMWIS Technical Unit since early 2004. He has a BSc in Fluid Mechanics from the faculty of Sciences of Tetuan (Morocco, 1998), an MSc and PhD in Remote Sensing Sciences from the University of Valencia, (Spain, 2001-2003), and a master degree in enterprises management & strategy at the CERAM European School of Business (Sophia Antipolis, France).
He worked as senior consultant for Sud-Convergences (France) on 2006-2008, and he got strong project management experience on EC funded projects (project cycle management). He has also had experience working on several European research projects. As well as being the author of more than 50 well cited publications and communications on international reviews and at symposiums in remote sensing and water sectors, he is referee for, among others, the IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing journal, the International Journal of Remote Sensing, the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres and Photogrammetric Engineering, Remote Sensing Journal, Advance in Space Research, Remote Sensing of Environment Journal, Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering,“Water Resources Management” journal, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Journal, "Climatic Change Journal" and IGARSS'2009-2013 Congresses, as well as several PhD thesis.
In addition, he is Expert Evaluator of the European Commission DG Research & Innovation, and since October 2013 he was nominated COST (European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) French representative at the Intergovernmental framework for EU Cooperation in Science & Technology 'Targeted Networks COST Action TN1301' - Next Generation of Young Scientist: towards a contemporary spirit of R&I (Sci-GENERATION).
On the other hand, he is co-founder and General Secretary of the Arab World Association of Young Scientists (ArabWAYS), member of the Global Change Unit (University of Valencia, Spain).
He is member of the Global Young Academy (GYA). In addition, he was the coordinator of target Med 4.2 on "financing the collection and treatment of industrial and urban wastewater in the Mediterranean", subject of one of the sessions of the 6th World Water Forum (Marseilles, 12-17 March 2012). 
Dr. Jauad El Kharraz was one of 40 scientists worldwide selected to attend the “World Economic Forum 'Summer Davos' for New Champions” in Tianjin China in September 2012. He is also member of the International Journal of Agriculture and Food Research (IJAFR) Editorial Review Board. 
Dr. Jauad participated in numerous projects funded by the European Commission, European Space Agency, and other institutions, among others: MED-3R on adapted waste management in the Mediterranean, WATERMED on water use efficiency using remote sensing data, RWKN on Regional Knowledge Network on Systemic Approaches to Water Resources Management, Regional project on Strengthening National Water Information Systems and Harmonization of Data Collection towards a Shared Water Information System, GLObal RIver Water & Earth observation, etc.
Among many other activities, he chaired Science & Technology Session at the World Justice Forum III – WJF III - Barcelona (Spain), 20-23 June 2011. He co-organized the German-Arab Forum of Young Scientists with the Junke Academie held in Berlin (Germany), 16-19/06/2011, and the regional conference “New Prospects and Challenges for Science and Education in the MENA region” co-organized with the Maghreb-Alexander von Humboldt Alumni Association, held in Marrakech (Morocco), 09-11/03/2012. He also organized several regional workshops and trainings in the field of water management, water information systems, remote sensing applications and scientific research. 
His main interests are currently: water accounts & balances, information & data management in the water sector, integrated water resources management (IWRM), water scarcity & drought, water demand, water quality monitoring, waste management, information systems, Euro-Mediterranean cooperation programmes, assessing & benchmarking, scientific research tools and development and some remote sensing applications (desertification, multi-temporal time series, estimation of biophysical parameters from AVHRR & MODIS data).
Jauad is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, French and English.