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Mohamed Jemni

Mohamed JEMNI is a Professor of Computer Science and Educational Technologies at the University of Tunis, Tunisia. He is the Head of the Research Laboratory of Technologies of Information and Communication & Electrical Engineering (LaTICE) at the University of Tunis (www.latice.rnu.tn). Since August 2008, he was the General chair of the Computing Center El Khawarizmi, the Internet services provider for the sector of higher education and scientific research in Tunisia. Recently, he became a manager of resaerch department at ALECSO.

His Research Projects Involvements during the last 20 years are tools and environments of e-learning, High Performance and Grid computing and Accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies to People with Disabilities. He is currently conducting two main projects in his laboratory:

  • Development of an e-learning environment for students with disabilities.
  • Improving accessibility of deaf community by the use of ICT and sign language.

He published more than 150 papers in international journals and conferences and produced many studies for international organizations such as ALECSO, ITU and UNESCO. He has a patent for the application MMS Sign to make mobile phones accessible for deaf people. Mr. Jemni and his laboratory have won several awards, including the UNESCO Prize 2008 for the e-learning curriculum they developed for visually impaired and the "World Summit Award (WSA) - Mobile 2010" in the field of social inclusion.

He is member of the steering committee of G3ICT – United Nations, Global initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies and he is also the president of a Tunisian NGO created in June 2011: the Tunisian Association of e-accessibility (www.e-access.tn). He has launched many initiatives to promote ICT accessibility in the Arab region including the project of WCAG2.0 translation to Arabic (http://www.utic.rnu.tn/wcag2.0) to promote accessibility of Arabic Web Content and the 2009 initiative for using ICT to develop Arab Sign language (www.icta.rnu.tn/asl/).