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Specific objectives of e-AGE 2013 include:

  • Announce and celebrate the third year of achievements of ASREN and present its future planning
  • Overview of the third phase of the EUMEDCONENCT project and recent regional connectivity initiatives in the region including ASREN’s connectivity, GLORIAD, GEANT, Internet2, CLARA…
  • Overview of the recent research and education initiatives and projects that focus on collaboration and joint activities approach and to show the achievements of e-infrastructures in the area and further build on the success of the previous projects and initiatives and to present and develop the cooperation and collaboration between the Arab, European, African and us researchers
  • Draw attention to high level politicians and decision makers on the importance of the e-infrastructures to develop the research and education communities in the Arab world and beyond
  • Help and support sustainable research and education network across the Arab region connected to the European network Geant2, north American network Internet2 and other regional networks around the world
  • Attract and encourage donors, research foundations and supporting institutions in the Arab region, Europe and worldwide to support the development of ASREN and supporting the research e-infrastructure
  • Strengthen the involvement of the private sector and industry collaboration in developing the research and education.
  • Bring the attention of scientists and researchers on the importance of e-Infrastructure and to showcase examples of collaborative and joint research projects