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Rafael Mayo García

Rafael Mayo García is Doctor Degree in Physics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2004). From 2006 he has also been Adjunct Faculty and Honorary Fellow at the same University in the Physics of Materials Department. He has been involved in many experiments in Bulgaria, Sweden and Ireland (funded, among others, by the European Commission with a Marie Curie fellowship) to study plasma properties. He has also obtained a postdoctoral fellowship in the Spanish Juan de la Cierva Programme. He is author of 23 scientific articles published in international JCR referenced journals (being cited 144 times) and more than 60 proceedings (being cited 245 times in Google Scholar). He has been involved in several European and National Projects working on ICT scientific developments (EGEE-III, EUFORIA, EFDA-ITM, Spanish e-Science Network) and even on managerial activities as Work Package Manager and/or member of Executive Boards (EELA, EELA-2, EPIKH, GISELA, CHAIN, CHAIN-REDS, BETTY). He also has served to several institutions as evaluator for their competitive calls, European Commission included.