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Rodney Wilson

Rodney Wilson currently serves as Ciena’s Senior Director for External Research, with responsibility for Ciena’s global interaction and collaboration with universities and government research organizations.
Ciena actively conducts scientific research concerning next-generation photonics and architecture and funds several university research programs that Mr. Wilson coordinates. He is responsible for Ciena’s participation with Research and Education networks worldwide, such as CANARIE (Canada), SURFnet (Netherlands), and Internet2 (USA). 
Prior to joining Ciena, he held a similar position with Nortel Networks. Previously he was vice president technology for Toronto-based Niburu Corporation and was involved in business incubation and venture capital technology assessments for emerging technology businesses. He has held technology and marketing positions with Motorola, The University of Toronto, Bell Canada and Gandalf Technologies. 
He holds a degree in Electronics Engineering from Ryerson University and has studied Business Strategy at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.