Ciena, the network specialist, provides advanced optical and Ethernet solutions to unlock potential for researchers worldwide. Our solutions feature ultra-high capacity, reconfigurability and service flexibility that match the requirements of supercomputing systems. Ciena collaborates with leading institutions to provide the research and education community with optimized networks that minimize cost and complexity, through initiatives supporting the implementation of intelligent control plane technologies, interoperability and scalability from Ethernet to 100G and beyond.
      Digital Meets Culture

An interactive online magazine where digital technology and culture collide.

digitalmeetsculture.net is the communication platform run by company Promoter, designed as an on-line magazine about the digital culture, that collects and shares information and events, globally. Currently, it counts over 12,000 visits and more than 26,000 page visualizations per month.

digitalmeetsculture.net is addressed to professionals belonging to different sectors as cultural heritage institutions (museums, libraries and archive managers), technical and scientific area (universities, IT experts, e-infrastructure providers, researchers and SMEs), training and education (teachers, students, vocational trainers)

digitalmeetsculture.net is aimed also to people interested in the digital art (artists, photographers, performers), and more generally to readers who want to be informed and up-to-date on what is happening in the domain of the encounter of digital technologies with culture and art.

It is a valuable communication tool and an advertising showcase towards a very selected and high-profiled audience, providing extensive information about international projects and initiatives for digitization, preservation, data management and enjoyment of digital cultural heritage.

Beside general contents about culture, art and technologies, digitalmeetsculture.net offers interesting opportunities for the dissemination and web-presence of scientific projects, by giving wide visibility to the project’s activities and achievements, by deepening specific topics through interviews and related articles, and by highlighting news and advertising events as media partner.