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e-AGE 2013 will continue to help tackle development of R&E networks in the Arab World and beyond by showing how e-Infrastructures can be used to provide high-quality education and research on a larger scale.
In contrast to other conferences on similar topics, e-AGE 2013 represent the only independent pan-Arab, European, and American networking event linking delegates from all over the Arab region and beyond in the fields of e-Infrastructures, research and education, innovative applications and technologies. Topics of e-AGE 2013 will cover all aspects of R&E e-Infrastructure bringing together e-Infrastructure professionals, academics, researchers, high-class experts as well as high-ranking decision-makers from governments, enterprises, NGOs, academia, and civil society, providing a platform from which to share best practices in the field of R&E network integration and application. It will also motivate partnerships and stimulate world recognition in pioneering best practice models to integrating R&E networks and bringing closer Arab, European, and American researchers, academics, and scientists.
e-AGE 2013 will be held as 2-day gathering in both Arabic and English and will be organized jointly between the Arab, European, African and the American worlds. The structure, activities and formats of e-AGE 2013 will be as follows:
-       keynotes
-       Panel discussions
-       Presentation sessions
-       Consultation meetings, focus groups, and roundtables
-       Best practice showcases and practical demonstration
-       Exhibition