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Now, and after 2 years of success in bringing together high level and wide range of participants from many countries around the world, e-AGE 2013 is planned on the basis of three main themes: Connect --> Access --> Innovate

  • Connect: Facilitate connectivity through a high-speed network to allow scientists to communicate, collaborate, exchange, and run both data and computational-intensive scientific applications and services. The objective is to scale up broadband dedicated networks with a growing focus on cross-boarder connections and regional peering. Several initiatives can be introduced to support reforms, e-Infrastructure sharing, and open access models. 


  • Access: Enable seamless access to data, services, applications, and resources related to science and education. e-AGE 2013 will be a platform to explore access opportunities and services that can be provided to research communities in a federated context. Case studies and best practices will be demonstrated on federated access, science gateway, cloud and grid computing, data repositories, and other related resources and services.


  • Innovate: High-speed networks and wide access represent enabling environments for students, researchers and scientists to innovate for greater competitiveness across industries towards wealth creation through knowledge economy.