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What is the e-AGE about

Integrating Arab e-infrastructure in a Global Environment e-AGE, is an annual international platform conducted by ASREN. Since launched in December 2010 at the League of Arab States, it was decided to have this annual activity moving from one Arab Country to another. e-AGE comes in line with ASREN’s major objectives related to creating awareness, promoting R&E collaboration and joint activities and establishing human networks in order to facilitate collaboration and cooperation among researchers and academicians in the Arab region and the rest of the world.

e-AGE is meant to be the launching pad for R&E connectivity and cooperation.  It brings together ASREN, EUMED, GEANT, AfREN and INTERNET2 stakeholders and region’s foremost innovators, leaders, scientists, and businesses to discuss and debate new models of innovation, integration of R&E networks, policies for sustainable development in education, means of knowledge sharing and dissemination, capacity building programs, and region-wide e- infrastructure deployment to tackle today’s crises in climate change, global economy, food, water scarcity, alternative energy, and threatening environmental issues.  The forum can lay the foundation for a dream of many of today’s leaders towards a global e-infrastructure for R&E based on real life broad inclusiveness beyond any political protocols.

In general, the objectives and activities of e-AGE are:

-    Announce a new year of achievements and present future planning and activities in the research and education arena

-    Bring to the attention of politicians and decision makers the importance of e-Infrastructures in order to support research      and education communities in the Arab world and beyond

-    Present case studies and showcase examples of collaborative research using e-Infrastructure resources and facilities

-    Support sustainable pan-Arab research and education network with links to European GEANT, North American Internet2      and other regional networks around the world

-  Attract foundations and international donors to support the development of ASREN and regional research e-Infrastructure

-    Strengthen private sector involvement in developing research and supporting innovation

-    Review in-depth existing e-infrastructure, connectivity, and services and explore opportunities for linkage to Arab and            global N/R RENs


Furthermore, several regional activities join e-AGE to share experiences and take advantage of its unique gathering, including:

-     Annual Euro-Mediterranean event

-     EUMEDCONENCT Project Meeting

-     Internet2 Middle East SIG Meeting

-     EUMEDGRID Support Meeting

-     CHAIN and CAHIN-REDS Project meetings and workshops

-     Technical and scientific workshops