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Yves Poppe

Yves Poppe is very active in the Research and Education Networking Community where he was a pioneer in international high bandwidth with the first transatlantic STM-1 connection in 1994 between Canarie and Europe on the then just launched Cantat-3 cable. He promoted high bandwidth for R&E as a member of the Canadian delegation to the G7 GIBN (Global Interoperability of Broadband Initiative). In 2001 he facilitated the establishment of the first lambda level connection at 2.5gbps between  Surfnet Amsterdam, New York Manlan and Chicago Starlight and also contributed to first international connections between the USA and Russia for what was later to become the  Gloriad project. He represents  Tata Communications in R&E  organizations including TERENA where he was member of the General Assembly, Internet2 and APAN ;  he is also a former member of  Canarie’s Technical Advisory Committee.

Yves Poppe also actively supported the  early efforts promoting the  next generation internet protocol IPv6. Teleglobe became a founding member of the International IPv6 Forum where Yves represents the Corporation and is also a steering committee member of the North American IPv6 taskforce.  He chaired the Canadian IPv6 Task Group that in March 2010  issued a set of recommendations for IPv6 deployment and transition in Canada and chairs the Canadian IPv6 Forum. Yves is a member of the Cisco IPv6 deployment Council and the Tata Communications in-house IPv6 Council.

Over the years he has been instrumental in the successful conclusion of major supply and partnership agreements between Teleglobe, now Tata Communications and the global  Research and  Education Community.  Yves is a frequent presenter on the evolution of telecommunications,  the internet and the key role of IPv6.  He  regularly covers the  evolution of subsea communication capacity and international telecommunications  at sessions of TEMIC (Telecommunications Executive Management Institute of Canada).

VSNL international, part of the Tata Group acquired Teleglobe in February 2006 and  since  February 2008 the Company operates under the name Tata Communications.