H.E. Dr. Ali Al Adeeb


Dr. Ali Al Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Iraq


Faculty of Arts – Baghdad - Iraq

Ph.D. Degree in Psychology

Postponed due to commitment of the task of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

2009:    Faculty of Arts, University of Mustansirya – Baghdad - Iraq

Master Degree in Psychology

1965:    Faculty of Education, University of Baghdad – Baghdad - Iraq

Bachelor Degree in Education and Psychology

1961:    Secondary School, Karbala Secondary School – Karbala - Iraq

1956:    Al-Hussein Primary School - Karbala - Iraq



1.       Member of the Iraqi National Council (2004)

2.       Member of the Iraqi National Assembly (2004)

3.       Member of the Iraqi Committee for Writing Constitution (2004)

4.       Head of the Committee of Educational and Higher Education in the Iraqi National Assembly (2004)

5.       Member of the Iraqi Parliament (2005-2006) and (2006-2010)

6.       Head of the committee of cultural, Scientific and Educational corporation of the Strategic Agreement between Iraq and United States

7.       Member of the Strategic National Committee for Education (2012-2020)

8.       Secretary-General of the National Foundation for Development and Expansion / NGO (Since 2005)

9.       Secretary-General of the Iraqi Center for Training and Scientific Consulting

10.   Editor of “Development Studies” Journal


Teaching Experience

1.       After his Graduation from the university of Baghdad, he profess Teaching profession to many related materials like Methods of Teaching (General and Specific), child psychology science, School Management and Educational Psychology Science in the following institutes:

·         Fundamental Educational Institute in Abu-Ghreib

·         Institute of Primary Teachers in Karbala (1965-1971)

·         Institute of Teachers in Babylon:

o   Research Assistant / Educational Planning / Karbala Educational Directorate (1971-1973)

o   Assistant of Teachers Practicing Division / Karbala Educational Directorate

o   Social Studies Teacher in the following intermediate schools:

v  Al-Wend –Karbala

v  Al-Maarif – Karbala

v  Al-Thabat – Karbala


2.       Immigrated after detention in 1980 to outside Iraq and returned back in 2003 after the fall of Saddam Regime



1.       Development of Education in Iraq Conference – Organized by UNESCO in Paris (2004)

2.       Conference of Arab Ministers of Education – London 2013

3.       International Forum of Higher Education – London 2012

4.       Chairman of the International Conference for Science and Technology in Iraq (Dubai/UAE 2013)

5.       Conference of Knowledge of Economy – Morocco / Rabat Declaration 2013

6.       Iraqi-American Universities Conference – Washington D.C. 2012

7.       Ministers of Higher Education for EU and Non EU countries / Romania 2012

8.       Continuing Education Conference – Cairo 2009


Researches and Studies

Since 1967, he wrote many researches and studies in the field of educational Curricula including:

1.       Imam Ali (peace upon him) Educational Curricula –  1967

2.       Compulsory primary education / Statistical Study 1972

3.       The role of Student in Social change 1983

4.       Educational prospects / A series of articles / Al-Jihad Journal 1995

5.       Many lectures: political, Social and Educational since 1980 till now

6.       Roadmap for the Iraq dilemma, Babylon Publishing, First Edition, Beirut 2012

7.       Human studies curriculum, A vision of a draft revision of the vocabulary of the humanities curriculum in Iraqi universities, First Edition, Beirut 2013