Greg Cole
Greg Cole is the Principal Investigator and developer of the Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD).  Greg has a 20-year history in global networking, having developed and managed the multi-national GLORIAD and predecessor US-Russia MIRnet and NaukaNet programs since 1997. His experience includes cross-cultural social networking, local community network infrastructure development, and global R&E cyberinfrastructure development and management.  In additional to almost $20M funding from the US National Science Foundation, Greg’s global networking initiatives have been supported by US Department of State, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Eurasia Foundation, Ford Foundation, Sun Microsystems, NATO, Cisco, Tata Communications, Tyco Global Networks and several others. Under his leadership, GLORIAD has developed and maintained a global, highly federated and decentralized management and a vast public/private partnership connecting science and education communities around the world.
Abstract: "GLORIAD: The Next Generation of Innovations, Services, Communities and Leaders"
Beginning work in 1997 deploying the first R&E network connecting the US and Russia (MIRnet), the Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications Development (GLORIAD) has expanded and evolved through nearly 20 years of service into a loosely-organized community of individuals and organizations around the globe sharing core values about science collaboration via open networking and committed to building and cooperatively managing leading-edge information and communications infrastructure connecting scientists, educators and students through a grass-roots, bottom-up approach.  The "ring of rings" GLORIAD network facilitates shared work on challenges common to all cultures in virtually all domains of science, education, health care and infrastructure. It is community-born, community-driven and community-led – ever evolving,  synergistic, center-less, diverse, tolerant, informal and intensely purposeful – standing on the shoulders of and building on the good work of those who gave the world a common Internet infrastructure.  While contributing partners include the US, Egypt, Russia, China, Korea, Canada, Netherlands, the Nordic Countries, India, Singapore and Malaysia, GLORIAD is open to all who wish to join and contribute; it is strongly affiliated with and committed to the openness, transparent governance and shared resources model of the GLIF (www.glif.is).
The presentation will briefly introduce the GLORIAD family, network and application communities – and then describe plans for a next generation of services, innovations, communities and leadership.  Emphasis will be placed on describing science-responsive infrastructure given recent work on open exchanges, software defined networking, dynamic provisioning of network services and much higher link capacities (100 Gbps and beyond).  GLORIAD's recent work on the InSight performance verification system will be introduced as well as its new ventures to "crowd source" operations, cybersecurity and science application support - leveraging broad community cooperation via information sharing and social media technologies.  The presentation will conclude with a description of efforts to engage new communities around the world with a special focus on attracting young people into the areas of network research, operations, performance measurement and security.