Guido Zebisch
Project Director Mr. Guido Zebisch, holding an M.A. from Munich University in hermeneutics and linguistics, has been involved with ARABTERM since September 2011. Prior to his engagement with GIZ, he has gained thorough experiences in the Arab World with a number of internationally operating German institutions, e.g. the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, the German Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institut where he served as a consultant and director of the German Cultural Institute in Yemen.
The challenge of ARABTERM, in his view, lies in the fact that it is an interdisciplinary approach bridging technical disciplines with linguistic policies: the GIZ approach, working with the Arab League`s Cultural Organisation ALECSO on this dictionary project, is a promising combination.
Abstract: “ARABTERM, ALECSO´s Technical Terminology Database. A Future Hyper-Platform”
Issue: The ground-breaking Arab Human Development Report 2003 pointed out that knowledge transfer cannot take place when academic and vocational students do not dispose of a command of terminology in a precise way in their habitual language.
Baseline: The multidisciplinary project ARABTERM aims at creating opportunities of knowledge transfer for key technologies that have been identified as vital with regard to more sustainable absorption within the Arab world. The Technical Dictionary www.arabterm.org
is an online internet dictionary project jointly commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), and carried out by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in collaboration with ALECSO’s division in Rabat, the Arabization Coordination Bureau (BCA).
Rationale: The consistent use of standardized reference terminology with regard to technical disciplines is a condition for the internationalization of more sustainable economic development throughout Arab countries. Terminological precision is required within a whole realm of domains, from legal aspects, to procurement, to research and development. ARABTERM will contribute, in the long run, to the availability of better skilled professionals who will subsequently access larger and more diverse work and market opportunities. In this way, ARABTERM will contribute, in the long run, to the conversion to an Arab knowledge society.
The www.arabterm.org platform: ARABTERM offers a free platform for professional translation of technical terminology, and noteworthy, Arabic definitions, from and to Arabic, German, English and French. The dictionary is composed of different volumes covering Automotive Engineering, Water Technology, Renewable Energies, Electrical Engineering, Textiles, Transport and Infrastructure (up to 2014).
Aim of intervention at ASREN: The ARABTERM aims at creating synergies within the networks of the respective scientific communities by presenting these plans of upcoming content (for 2014-2016). Terminology shall be presented, further needs identified, and a call for participation in an experts´ network shall be held, in order to enhance the quality of the terminological content (through revisions, updates) for mutual benefit between producers and beneficiaries, in the long run.