Hisham Ibrahim
Hisham is the Middle East Regional Program Manager at the RIPE NCC (in charge for training programs, technical support and relations with RIPE NCC members and the MENOG community).
Hisham brings over a decade of exercise in the field of Internet technology and its governance. Prior to joining the RIPE NCC-ME office, Hisham held a number of senior technical positions including, IPv6 Program Manager at AFRINIC (2010-2014) and Network Operations Centre (NOC) Team Leader at the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (2005-2010).
Both from a technical and policy background, Hisham is active on several committees in various Network Operator Groups (NOGs), peering forums, IPv6 task forces and forums in Africa and the Middle East.
Abstract: "Bridging gaps: ICT and Innovation in the Arab world"
This presentation will attempt to identify and analyze some of the current gaps that exist in the Arab world that are preventing us from being truly interconnected and innovative in the ICT domain.